AR and GD dived through sump one, as it was AR’s first cave dive GD carried the srt kits and gear for aid climbing the 80m aven which was the aim. After a hot brew we headed upto the ledge found a few days earlier to assess the aven. Using a tight beam which AR had brought showed that the holes that GD thought existed were more likely to be overhangs. With AR being the more compitent climbed first lead using slings to give a vantage point some 25m up the Aven (the ledge being at 11m), this yielded no prospect. A second area of the aven was climbed second and at the top of the first pitch GD joined AR at that appeared to be ongoing passage. After a short distance the roar was found to be the stream some 20m below so it was just a continuation if the downstream passage. AR then belayed GD around a traverse to see if an opening would yield passage, a small tube was acended for 3m to a mud filled conclusion. AR then lead again using aiding gear to reach another shelf at some 47m above the floor. This was time consumisng as the rock was poor and use of naturels was difficult. No obvious leads or a draught was noted. With little prospect of passage a return to the surface was made after 12hrs underground, with he rope was left in place.

A day setting up camp

After a 30hr or so trip to deathrace we’ve stocked camp with enough gear for 5 persons and approx 50man days worth of wet rations and camp gear. Come July all that will be needed is exploration and personnal gear.
A good trip without incident save a few navigational errors and out just in time for a bit of food and beer at the bar.

BJ enjoying a cuppa
Stall near PI chamber
More stall ‘can’t remember where’
Phil getting changed.
Chris, H and I waiting at ‘hole in wall’
Life at camp
More stall near PI chamber
Enjoying a cuppa at camp
Like moths in the flame


Trip over for Duncan and I

The time has come to leave Tresviso for this year. Thanks Phil for the invite – I’ve enjoyed my 12 days. 4 days camping at death race 3 days in the entrance series around Wigan Pier and helping Bob Re.rig Natacha, and a day walking around the mountains with Martin, not to mention lots of Vinous.

Duncan and I stopped for coffee on our way to Santander and whilst rummaging in one of the typically Spanish family hardware stores, I’ve found a new digging tool. For less than €8 I reckon it’s worth a go and it’s lightweight.




Parting Friends

Joe and I planned to put a line on the climb upto ‘Parting Friends’ sump beyond the road to Wigan Pier, it’s a very impressive bit of stream passage with a major flow of roaring water. Unfortunately whilst trying to ascend up the slope before the pitch I slipped and got carried down the slope and underwater by the force of it. Joe caught it all on his gopro so that’s to follow. Feeling bruised and pride dented currently as I nurse my wounds. Cheers Joe for grabbing me.


Added by Phil with Gareth’s permission :-).  Warning contains some swearing…..