T145 Pozo Del Castillo

Includes: T304 Clockwork - T145 Pozo Castillo - Pozo Natacha - Segura I (Castillo V) - Segura II (Castillo IV) - FT16 (Castillo III) - FT17 (Castillo II)


CO-ORDINATES: 30T X:360600 Y:4785570
LENGTH: 1109m (xxxm including all other entrances)
DEPTH: -293m


From Caseton de Andara, follow the markings for the Lake Depression (Pozo de Andara). At the obvious junction (before reaching the lake area) take the left hand path that zig zags up the side of the mountain, until the obvious mine area is reached. The entrance is the highest (T145), it is very easily located by its large dimensions (8m by 15m).

The opening is at 1840m altitude at the left of the path. (see sketch of the zone).


Large 13m entrance pitch. (8m x15m diameter)

Picture: Entrance


The entrance pitch (13m) is very spacious and drops onto a floor of boulders. The second pitch (15m) of more modest dimensions, giving immediate access to a network of mines. At about 150m from the entrance and a crossroads is met. Straight on leads to Segura II entrance (overlooking the Lake Depression). Right at the crossroads leads to Pozo Natacha. Left at the crossroads leads to Pozo Castillo proper.

A descending mine passage continues down, following a strong draught before lowering to a short flat out crawl to the right. A small chamber leads to a 6m pitch into natural cave. As of 1987 this chamber is blocked with snow and rocks. No one has explored beyond this point since 1983.

The floor can be reached by sliding under the snowplug for about 12 metres, then a new drop reachesa rift, 2m wide by 3m high, The Walk of the Metamorphosis. This goes as far as a pitch of 6m where draughts is strong

After the P6 is a pitch of about 12m, with snow on one side, followed be next pitch of a 30m. (Elongated shaft 10m x 20m)

At the bottom there is another snowpatch leading steeply down to 2 successive pitches of 7m and 13m into a circular chamber of 15m diameter. The cave takes sharp 90 degree bend at this point. The chamber continues to the NW along a lightly decorated rift which enlarges at the top of 40m pitch. At the base is a 3m climb, followed by 2 superb cylindrical pitches of 7m each.

A series of parallel pitches from the top of the P40 eventually connect back at the -265m depth

Another drop of several metres marks the current end of the vertical sections of cave (-265m). The passage continues in large dimensions (2m wide by 5m high) for 100m. The cave starts to narrow to a small trickle of water with 5cm airspace(?). There is a loud sound of water from beyond and a a very strong draught. (-293m)


Tresviso 1987

AD KAMI Revisit