Eastern Massif caving expeditions


Derek arrived the night before and we packed the car to the roof, ready for an early start. Looked like plenty of space for more equipment.

Left at 10 on the Sunday for a straightforward drive down, picking up Mark Sefton outside the Premier inn, Dover. Having never met Mark before I took the most obvious option and looked for someone who looked like a caver. Easy, the warmbac tackle bag giving him away.

Packed 2 more bags into car and off to ferry port.

Uneventful crossing followed by the long drive through France, stopping just outside of Bordeaux at 3AM for a couple of hours sleep.

Monday 23rd

Up at 6AM, feeling rather cold. I picked the one lorry, that was carrying refrigerated goods and the loud hum kept me awake for at least an hour, so 2 hours sleep. Coffee and some left over quiche and we are off once more.

Arrive in Torrelevega around 1PM to complete group shop. The Yorkshire in me takes over and I spend most of the time picking up 50 cent salami and chorizo, rather than the 1.50 ones. It’s only for cavers and not like Gordon Ramsay is turning up. Finally headed up to Tresviso.

Weather extremely good, no clouds and baking sun.

Arrive in Tresviso around 4.30ish. Unpack, car suspension spring back to its normal state. Only 1 hub cab lost in the process (suspension and wheels another matter)

Others are not about (still at Marniosa) so I spend some time packing various bags ready for a trip to Nacimiento tomorrow.

Others arrive 9ish and we have some dinner. Then I fall asleep, while the others have some beers.