Update from the field (from archive July 21, 2012)

Eastern Massif caving expeditions

Update from the field (from archive July 21, 2012)

Update from the field

Cueva del Marniosa

3 members (Phil R, Laurence and David) have been out in Tresviso for the previous week, doing some work in Cueva del Marniosa.  Marniosa is situated a bit further up the valley from Cueva del Nacimiento and is probably a filter system into Nacimiento.  The cave was originally explored very activily in the 1970′s until the unfortunate death of Tony Harrison (tribute page appears to be down) in 1975.  Exploration was largely curtailed after this event.  However, some sporadic trips have since occured and the downstream sumps remain a promising lead, heading towards the Western series of inlets in Nacimiento.

In 1986 SWCC and others passed the downstream sump and found over a kilometer of new passage and another downstream sump.  This sump remains undived.

The challenge of diving this sump remains quite a hurdle:  “a lot of this section was tight and sharp and particularily unconducive to bottle carrying” (SWCC 1986)

Undettered a plan, outside of the main objectives, has been made to attempt to dive (or at least get to) this sump.

Tuesday – madPhil passed sump 1 and reached climb down into stream.  Route onwards is up other side of the climb.  Exact words were, “not sure how Colin did it, quite necky”.  Dive line hanging from roof appears to have been used as a lifeline to get back down the climb in 86.

Friday – madPhil half way up climb, manually bolting, expects to be at sump 2 on Saturday.